[Silkroad] Forbidden Online / D15 / 140 Cap / High Rate / Silk per Hour/
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منتدى سيلك رود اون لاين Silkroad Online .: ركن خاص يطرح اهم اسرار وشروحات لعبة سيلك رود اون لاين Silkroad Online :.

e33ايجى [Silkroad] Forbidden Online / D15 / 140 Cap / High Rate / Silk per Hour/

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Hello Egynt Members

About last week, we managed to get online this server.

Website: Divine Online
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/forbiddensilkroad/

Information about Server:

Fortress War:
Disabled (Will enabled until enough player that join)

Level Cap:
140 by Scroll
135 by leveling

Server Type:

Races that Enable:

Server Rates:
Normal Private Server Rates

1 silks (Will upgrade if necessary)

CTF/Arena Enabled:

Starting Item:

Newbie Leveling Place:
So we provide you guys with easiest leveling places for New Player.

Alchemy NPC

Special item NPC

VIP Item (All Item Can be purchased using Forbidden Coins)


Avatars (New,Old,Special)

D15 Item Forbidden Galaxy (Sun):

Information how to get Forbidden Coins:

CTF : 1 F Coins / 1 kills
Arena : Win = 7 F Coins , Lose = 2 F Coins

In this Area, you can get 5-9 Forbidden Coins.

And ALSO Other Level 100++ Uniques Spawn map, which i mean normal spawn places.

Just like i mention before, Level 140 by scroll or level 135 by leveling. We provide a Level scroll if you have enough Forbidden Coins

We also looking for anyone that want to join on our Staff Team.

  • Absolutely experience in other server/other games
  • Willing to spend time on monitoring the server
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • And lastly good communication in English since we the team are from many country such as France and Asia.
  • If you think you can pass it? Drop a PM with this information been FILLED on Our Page.

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